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            Watch and listen to what buyers are saying about Global Sources:

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            Listen to what buyers like you are saying about Global Sources

            Hear real buyers talk about how Global Sources has helped them source more effectively from China.

            Global Sources: Matrix Importers' Experience

            In this video, Matrix Importers talks about how Global Sources has made it easy for them to find the best products for their customers.

            Global Sources: SMJ Electronics' Experience

            What's the best place to discover hot products in electronics & components? In this video, SMJ explains why it's Global Sources.

            Global Sources: Gir Navi's Experience

            According to Gir Navi, Global Sources stands out from all the other online sourcing services. Take a look at this video to see why.

            Global Sources: Express Computers' Experience

            Sourcing computers & accessories? This video will show you why top buyers turn to Global Sources first.

            Global Sources: DuAlt Distributors' Experience

            We help make sourcing from China easier for DuAlt. Watch this video for the full story.
            Read what buyers are saying about our products and services:

            "Essential and precise tool for searching for professional suppliers."

            Denilson Ruis
            Eyetec Equipamentos Oftalmicos Ind Com Imp Exp Ltda

            "There is a constant update of the latest products and also what's happening in the market place."

            Vaughan Campbellbams
            Built Assets Mangement Services Pte. Ltd.

            "Global Sources has given my group the ability to forge into new opportunities never experienced before. All of the support and professionalism experienced on this site has been nothing short of amazing. We look forward to working for many years with the partners we have found so far and hope to find many more. It's such a pleasure to do business with such upstanding people. Just wish I could say the same for others."

            Gary Couch

            "This site has allowed me to expand my catalog offerings by more than 25 products! The clear & concise supplier and products catalogs make it easy to search for, and find, the type of ""qualified"" manufacturer I want to use.
            Providing buyers with access to suppliers’ company information, certifications, product listings and more, is the most valuable resource on the site. I will continue to use Global Sources and expand my offerings using only your reputable site."

            Alia Hosch
            Soul Amenities

            "Really great! I have immense faith in GlobalSources.com - the in-depth information there helps us find suppliers. Already well-classified and -designed!!"

            Meenatchi Sundaram
            N&H Agencies

            "We are very satisfied with the information provided by Global Sources. We could update our knowldege of current market trends which helped improve our business."


            "Convenient, fast, good search engine. Saves me a lot of time and has shortened my learning curve considerably."

            Peter Davies
            Times Asia Publishing Corp.

            "Best thing about Global Sources is the variety of suppliers - there is no comparison at all! We can get in touch with them quickly. We buyers can find whatever we need in the online marketplace - just by clicking on the Global Sources website. "

            Vinod Joshi

            "I like GlobalSources.com because of the company's quick response and also because of the way they display their products with pictures. "

            Mike T P Chivima
            Chemicals Institute

            "Trustworthy to the core! Most of our manufacturing members are from Global Sources. Global Sources gives us peace of mind and satisfaction. Our data is safe with Global Sources. "

            SAMUEL EXPORTS

            "Good link between Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers to get the best products and prices."

            MOHAMAD WALY

            "Our story is very positive - our two principal suppliers came via your search engine. After years of paying too much to wholesalers, we now buy direct and in greater quantities - this has made us more competitive! Thank you! "

            David Mouat
            Justine Clothing (Pvt) Ltd

            "We like that you are constantly developing the concept and are active in your attempt to help customers search for products or suppliers. "

            Per Buch

            "Global Sources makes it easy to find all kinds of products and a lot of suppliers - the customer service is great! They called me to arrange meetings and to check my satisfaction with the page. Really good! "

            Stefania Hernandez Garibaldi
            Developing new bussiness

            "Excellent and unbiased Sourcing Advice and News. E-Magazines and regular product alert mails, supplier follow-up options, etc… Global Sources is my first choice! "

            Meenatchi Sundaram
            N&H Agencies

            "I like the efficient & trustworthy site, the wide range of products and the easy-to-use features - can send inquiries and get a fast response from manufacturers. "

            Luis Villalobos
            Sonora Trading

            "I like the fact that your service is free and consistent. Your platform is wide, which offers better coverage in a single email. Keep the good work up. "

            TREVOR BASKIN
            T G ENTERPRISES

            "With Global Sources, I know I am dealing with a legitimate company so long as it's been verified by them."

            Emmanuel Yorke

            "Contact with suppliers is easy & quick, and most of them are honest and reliable companies."

            Bertil Engstrom
            B.E.Engineering ApS.

            "The market in Italy is going through hard times, but thanks to Global Sources, we have increased our sales and profits - because we've found the right suppliers for our company."

            Wanny Scarpa
            Voxfree srl

            "It's a good source to find products and differents suppliers, and to compare prices and quality of differents products."


            "Very well managed - makes us buyers happy and treats us like VIPs; also the range of products are good and supplier companies are of high standard."

            Toh William

            "The best thing about Global Sources Online is the people that I have met. Manufacturers and suppliers that I have met through Global Sources Online have been professional and efficient, but more than that they are warm and genuine people."

            Benjamin Priest
            MetaPharm / The Glasstronaught

            "They are very helpful, friendly and extremely efficient in providing information on products; there are also many suppliers & latest products to choose from. Very good, the best I have seen so far - please keep it up! It is a huge benefit to us clients as well as buyers - with so much information provided here, it is sometimes not necessary to travel to China at all; it is like having your own personal office in China! Thanks for providing this service - you cannot imagine how helpful it is to us!"


            "The layout of the website as well as the vivid images of the products is an immediate differential. Complete information about the suppliers is a great help when deciding from whom to source."

            Michael De La Pena
            Metalife Pilates

            "Excellent suppliers, serious sellers, products arrive on time, quality of the products is as described."

            Alejandro Gomez
            AUDIO CLINIC

            "Global Sources has been instrumental in helping us make business deals in Asia; additionally this site has helped us source more effectively while keeping our competitive edge. Thank you!"

            David Mouat
            Justine Clothing

            "This site provides information that our company requires. I highly recommend this site to anyone who is interested in sourcing and buying from China."

            Kudakwashe Mupungu
            Kudakwashe Trading (Pty) Ltd

            "Global Sources is well known for its quality buyer community. "

            Anthea Wang
            Guangdong Homa Appliances Co. Ltd

            "Vast amount and up to date information on products and suppliers.I feel more confident dealing with your listed suppliers than other sourcing sites."

            Antoine Alkadri
            Kadrian Imports Inc.

            "Fast and high quality product and supplier search."

            Joerg Wanitzek
            MSC Vertriebs GmbH

            "I was able to find many manufacturers for product I was looking for."

            John Hammond

            "As a small development company we use this information to find manufacturing partners Good resource on China manufactures. Good information and easy to use."

            Dennis Palma
            VOX One Labs LLc.

            "I like the ease in finding products and suppliers which you have never contact before. The suppliers reliability rating which will definitely help in building confident when making enquiries to these suppliers. The resources in Global Sources are tremendous which practically you can find anything which you need with a few simple clicks on your computer."

            Lew Kah Yip
            VS Marketing & Engineering

            "The best part of using Global Sources is finding capable and competent suppliers that have been verified. This takes the worry out of purchasing products in China."

            Kendall Fortner
            Give The Light

            "It has a lot of information and a very very large variety of products and suppliers."

            Martin Arce

            "It is very comprehensive in it suppliers and products and it is where i get my new ideas for products to market."

            James Dean
            Seven Seventy Pty Ltd

            "The best thing about Global Sources is that it helps us learn more about new products that can be useful to us now and in the future."

            Vinod Joshi

            "Global Sources is doing an excellent job. Your services are very satisfactory and consistent, as compared to other sites. Your site is also easy to use. Please keep it up."

            Khushi Muhammad
            Alhamra Papers

            "Global Sources is there when you want it to be. It offers so many options and when companies are contacted they respond promptly. Also, the search engine is functional and accurate."

            Nick Anderson
            RareDare Bridal and Formal

            "Global Sources epitomizes the word "professionalism." The company's team is outgoing, hard-working and thorough. You can see why they are my number 1 choice when it comes to sourcing."

            Jonathan Edge
            PEPKOR Global Product Sourcing

            "The Global Sources website features a nice, clean interface, a good database and frequent updates."

            Bharat Gaba
            Sri Syndicate

            "What we like most about Global Sources online is its fast information, accuracy, variety of products and wide choice of suppliers."

            Iwan Wahyu
            PT. Daya Tunas Cemerlang

            "Global Sources' verified suppliers, inquiry options, detailed credit checks and company profiles are invaluable to us."

            Ibel Sierra

            "Global Sources makes it easy to review suppliers before contacting them, which saves time when sending and receiving e-mail enquiries."

            Todd Krause
            FST Procurement Limited

            "Global Sources has a very informative database of suppliers and products. It also offers a very easy search function and fast website response."

            Michael Braybrook
            Whittingtons Australia

            "Global Sources is a trustworthy website that helps me find my desired products and their related manufacturers in only few seconds."

            Shady BADR
            Channel Lead

            "The Global Sources website is quick and effective. The large amount of data and useful information helps broaden the vision of buyers. When it comes to outsourcing/purchasing, Global Source is the "Feel Good" web service."

            Najam Farid
            Indus Tools and Hardware Inc

            "I appreciate Global Sources' effectiveness and their efforts to enhance their service to satisfy the needs of every user."

            Sundrum Santa Singh
            Asiankom Communication (M) Sdn. Bhd.

            "The volume of suppliers and lines on the Global Sources website -- from small quantity to OEM -- is amazing. I have no need to use any other site for all my purchasing requirements."

            Keith Lloyd
            Electronic Cigarettes

            "I really appreciate Global Sources' clear, usable interface and quick search results. They provide relevant information -- no clutter, junk or rubbish splash adverts. I also like the range of info given about companies; e.g., verification, credit check, etc."

            Keith Bottomley

            "Global Sources has a very informative database of suppliers and products. It also offers a very easy search function and fast website response."

            Yusuf Pankhawala
            Al-Hudebiya International Gen. Trd. & Cont. Co.
            Product Alerts

            "Very effective in sourcing suppliers and products that we need and provides regular product alerts."

            Raj Prasad
            A.M.Services Pty Ltd

            "Product Alert brings products and suppliers to me."

            Jeff Miller
            Star Stores Inc.

            "You guys make it so easy to find suppliers."

            Adam Linden
            Ultimate Footwear Corp.

            "Global Sources features a large selection of suppliers and products. It also sends me regular e-mail alerts about new suppliers or products in my chosen category."

            Desmond Cohen
            Pacific Oasis

            "I have been receiving quotations daily from more than 10 suppliers and am very satisfied with your service."

            Nabeel Hamad
            International Commercial
            Business Center

            "It is a vital platform for global marketing and I suggest it continues to be published globally."

            Mike T P Chivima
            Chemicals Institute

            "The magazines are informative - great for businesses all over the world."

            Ramesh Kumar Ajmera
            Trend Vista Enterprise

            "It is informative, keeps me updated about new technology and products in the market too."

            Salman Imran
            Rajput Traders

            "This is the best source not only to reach buyers and sellers, but to explore latest products - an ideal solution for all business needs."

            N.D. Vinayak
            Commercial Links

            "Your monthly magazine are good. Direct contact with suppliers; fast & efficient"

            Waleed Ahmed
            Modern Pharma

            "With regular searching/using global sources magazines one can look his needy items suppliers at best level and if study reports available from global sources; one can be in touch with latest trends and mood of markets; which is key for taking prompt and right decsions in business."

            Muhammad Arif Gosha

            "The e-Magazines provide a quick and efficient method of searching for advertisers. The adverts tend to be of good quality and provide the necessary details."

            Brian Forster
            Hot Rock Musica.

            "Your e-Magazines are an invaluable source to new Manufacturers and suppliers. Keep up the great work!"

            Robin Warner
            Impex Solutions Group

            "I like Global Sources' design, e-magazines, quality of suppliers, and diversity of products and suppliers from Asian countries."

            Al-nasir Karim
            Union Global Enterprise
            Global Sources Exhibitions

            "Regular Updates about products and suppliers and conducting Events. I have attended recent exhibition at Mumbai and very much satisfied."

            Srinivasa Matcha
            V J S Enterprises

            "This is my third time at this show. I find interesting products and they give me new ideas. I think the suppliers from China have been great. The benefits of coming to the trade show are you can really see and touch the products, communicate with the suppliers, and be able to source well; it really helps."

            Mmamosa Moekets
            TYT Enterprise

            "I source electronics products. I prefer to come to this Fair to find suppliers for the last three years. I always do business with suppliers from China; I buy electronics products exclusively from China.

            I see that most of the products are going green. I am interested in solar-powered products now.

            This Fair is always huge, good, and well-organized. The quality of the suppliers is much better now. I would like to visit this Fair in another countries, such as in Hong Kong. Definitely, I will be here next year."

            Kukie Mabasa
            Blue Chip Commodities

            "We found interesting suppliers whom we now have long-term relationships with thanks to Global Sources."


            "This Fair understands the buyer's needs, so everything is well taken care of."

            Debasis Chakraborty
            Private Sourcing Events

            "Global Sources is a great source for buyers. The Private Sourcing Events offer a great platform and business opportunity for us. Besides meeting potential vendors, we also learn the latest trend and market information during those events."

            Lisa Pan
            Staples Brand Consulting

            "As we increase our sourcing from India, we are working with many suppliers for the first time and that increases our risk. As suppliers we will meet at Private Sourcing Events have been pre-screened, this helps us greatly reduce our risk and find quality suppliers with more sourcing options in less time."

            Nikhil Goyal
            El Corte Ingles
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